Lean Six Sigma Courses in Buffalo City

Lean Six Sigma Training in Buffalo City


Six Sigma South Africa is a subsidiary of 2KO International, conducting instructor led Six Sigma training and certification for blue chip companies in Buffalo City and other major cities in South Africa. We supply full time Lean training classes in Buffalo City towards Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification. Six Sigma course advisors are trained to provide you updates of the latest course offerings, plus the method of teaching that would best suit you. Remember we now offer Virtual Training at all levels of six sigma, so please get in touch with us on our international number +27(0)21 426 5300.


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Yellow Belt Training Courses in Buffalo City
This is the a basic level of Lean Six Sigma that covers the understanding of Six Sigma principles.
Role: The employee who has yellow belt training on Lean Six Sigma in Buffalo City will be part of a project team where he will review process improvements that support the project.

Green Belt Training
In the Lean Green Belt Six Sigma
course in Buffalo City, delegates will learn the tips and techniques that make for good Six sigma execution. They will in addition receive fundamental training in Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.
Role: People with Lean green belt certification are often referred to as worker bees because they do the majority of the work during projects, which includes gathering the necessary information, experiments and tests throughout the project.

Black Belt Training
in Buffalo City
Lean Black belt courses in Buffalo City
focuses on additional training and deeper analysis tools (stats), as well as instruction on change management and stakeholder influencing.
Role: Black belt practitioners are the people who are in charge of the Six Sigma Projects within their respective companies. Most of the time, these are the people who are asked to take on projects on a full time basis. Along with heading up projects, black belts also are coach, develop and advise other green belt managers, so that the entire company can achieve their goals. Lean black belts lead problem-solving projects and train and coach project teams.

Instructor Led Courses Available

Yellow Belt Training
Lean Green Belt Training
Lean Black Belt Course

Green Belt Training (DMAIC)

Black Belt Six Sigma DMAIC